Amazing: Why People Are Now Shifting To Access Bank.



Opening Bank Account in Access Bank is the easier and simplest. Account Registration can be done in less than 10 minutes. Yes!!!

One needs only three (3) Particulars to register with ACCESS BANK. This includes;

i. National ID Card (Mostly Voters ID)

ii. Passport Picture (1)

iii. TIN (Tax Identification Number)

Those are the only three (3) things one need for Access Bank Registration. Some Banks requires a Guarantor to sign or stamp and others require your Job Appointment Letter from your workplaces before Registration can be, but ACCESS BANK do not, because they understand there are people who are self employed and not all work requires Appointment Letter.


One’s Initial Deposit or Minimal Deposit in his or her Access Bank Account is only GH¢ 10. Thus, when you have GH¢ 50 in your Account, you can still withdraw GH¢ 40. The remaining GH¢ 10 is your Minimal Deposit that keeps your account active.

Meanwhile, Minimal Deposit of other Banks are Gh¢ 20, Gh¢ 50, Gh¢ 100.


After Opening Access Bank Account, one can connect his or her Mobile Money wallet to Access Bank Account for withdrawing and Depositing money between the Account (Access Bank Account & Mobile Money Wallet/Account).

This works with all the networks in Ghana such as MTN MOMO, TIGO CASH, VODAFONE CASH, AIRTEL MONEY.

ACCESS MOBILE BANKING is done in two ways.

i. Dial *901#  (All network)

ii. Access Mobile App.

Thus, anywhere you are, you can withdraw from you Bank Account into your Mobile Money Wallet. And no stress of going up and down to withdraw and deposit money.


When we hear VISA CARD, we think it is related to the RICH, and for the RICH.

It will amaze you to know what, Access Bank registers and connect your Bank Account to VISA CARD for you at only Gh¢ 20 for your online shoppings (online buying and selling)…

Gh-Link Card goes for only Gh¢ 10.

With All this Experience and Benefits, One could conclude that, Indeed, ACCESS BANK is truly the BEST.

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