This Is Why A Security Man and A 8-Year-Old Girl Are Trending On Social Media (+Video)

Many people have become idle and because of these bad thoughts linger on their minds. They say that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Recently, a security man has been c@ught red-handed taking advantage of an 8-year old girl. The incident was said to have occurred in an uncompleted building while the parents of the girl were not around.

The alleged witness who caught the man forcing himself on the girl narrated the story

“I began to hear low tone noises in the next compound and this is not the first time I have heard similar noises from that compound. I suddenly became suspicious and my instinct told something must be going wrong So I decided to check.

At first, I wanted to go in through the gate of the building but I decided not to. I knew something was wrong. I thought of what to do and suddenly I remembered the fence.

I climbed over the fence stealthily to avoid getting attention of anyone who is making those noises. On getting my head over the fence, to my utmost disbelief, I saw this security man defiling the small girl.

The girl was lying on the bare floor while the man was kneeling over her. It was a huge sight for me”

” I quickly brought out my smartphone and started taking pictures of them and that was when the man noticed my presence on the fence and quickly separated himself from the girl” concluded the witness.

The witness was said to alert other neighbors and the parents of the small girl. It’s doomsday for the security man.

Parents are being advised to monitor and keep an external eye over their kids whenever they are not around. You may never know where the child will end up when they leave them alone at home.


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