Most of the girls of our time, due to laziness, desire to weath fast, pride to impress their fellow colleagues and other factors have tagged themselves with a name “slay queens” and do everything, even if immoral which at the end brings them disgrace or sometimes even death.
A whatsapp chat has been leaked on a social media about one slay queen who is willing to offer sex to a male friend just to take a photo with his iphone 12. This slay queen was reported to have taken the contact of this unknown person from her femae friend after she saw him on her whatsapp status, having taken a picture with iphone 12
This slay queen just wanted to be on the same level with her female friends who are using the latest iphone 12, with that she desired to shoot a photo with this guy’s iphone 12. With her desire to satisfy him, to take his phone for the pictures, this slay queen quickly took the guys number immediately and DM him.
Going through the chat, the slay queen who is yet to be identified offered two choices to the guy; whether she give him two rounds of hardcore sex or to offer him money, that is, if she( the slay queen) pays.
However, the slay queen pleaded for three rounds, and promised to give this guy a special offer, that is she offered to give the guy a blow job at the end of the three rounds of the promised sex. This  wicked guy then leaked this chat, but as to whether he did it after the sex or refused to do it at all, the truth is yet to be identified.

Take time and carefully read the chat below;

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