M.anifest celebrate mum’s birthday, displays family for the first time

M.anifest is a Ghanaian rapper, singer and songwriter. He won Best Rapper and Hip-Hop song of the year at the 2017 Ghana Music Awards. He has worked with Damon Albarn, Flea, Tony Allen, Erykah Badu, and is featured on five songs on the Rocket Juice and The Moon album.

Manifest is known to be a bit controversial when he raps, he plays with words which might get you confused untill you find out the point he was trying to make in a sentence

He is known to be very decent and simple and i think he’s a bit shy, my opinion though

The reserved guy who ony expresses his anger and frustration through music

Manifest celebrates mum’s birthday as he posted a very beautiful photo of himself and the love of his life thus his mum

His little son is also growing as he looks so cute and all grown

Below are the beautiful pictures of Manifest, mum and his child;

what is yor take on this
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