Testimonies on Koinonia

My name is Richard, PKF I have a huge testimony, my mother has been admitted at the hospital and I needed money for an emergency treatment, which I didn’t have. After AOV last dawn which we prayed for testimonies, (about a man being promoted in the army) I sowed my last Gh20 as a seed into the life of an old man behind my house. I called a man (Friend) to greet him in the morning and he paid me a visit at work. PKF you won’t believe this the man gave me Gh500 and he promised to call his son in the USA to send me more money.Am speechless. We serving a living GOD indeed. God richly bless you.

Let me say it in this way. God bless you PKF. Ur words everyday gives me strength and hope each day of my life. PKF I have been having serious issues in my marriage. I have been married for almost ten years now. My husband has been cheating on me several times that this time he has no respect for me that he goes out in the evening and comes back in the morning without any explanation. I dare not ask him where he went or where he spent the night or trouble loss. On 4th October my dear husband came home in the morning as usual to tell me that I should accept a new woman into the family. He is going to marry another woman so that I will not be asking him where he goes. He wanted to enjoy life the way he wanted, so i told my husband to give me a divorce of which he say’s no. Pastor, my husband has stopped going to church or listen to anyone. You can imagine what I have been going through. I have been praying with you,And to the glory of God my husband who never stays home, talks or smiles with me, for three weeks now my husband has been talking to me he even stay home at night. Am so happy pastor and I know God of miracle will surely bring his work to a perfect end. Amen.

Good morning Pastor, who say God no dey, I have a testimony, I can’t keep it to myself anymore, on the last feet washing, all I had on me was 1cedis 70p, during the feet washing I prayed for marriage and not financial miracle, after praying and feet washing I sowed a seed of 1cedis.And since then I have not lack money till date, during daytime after feet washing a man who I knew growing up went to my friend to ask for my number and gave my 500cedis and kept giving me money without me asking till the end of October he gave me almost 4000. I remember telling God not to fail because He has never fail me because October was really packed with money issues and God came through for me. All glory and praise be to God. I will be back soon with more testimonies I believe strongly, my miraculous Job and marriage will happen soon. God bless you Pastor Kojo Frimpong

I have returned to give God all the glory, my promotion was due in May but it was delayed because of covid but I did no close my mouth I kept on calling it forth daily both on AOV and koinonia. On August 25 when I got to work I was called to prepare for my promotional interview on 27th August, after the interview my promotional letter was suppose to be released in September but It did not come I kept on calling it forth daily.So when this Month was themed as our 11th hour miracle I held on to it that this month will not pass by without my letter being released. Today during the feet washing I declared I will receive my letter today kept on declaring it even after AOV. When I got to work I was told I had a letter, wen I received the letter from the secretary to my amazement it was my promotional letter which was dated 1 May which means I was promoted in May and will get all my entitlement starting from May. Indeed God of 11th hour has show up in my life and I am thankful to God.

Prayer really works. I asked God for four things in July and lo and behold, God has answered three. I’ve been experiencing burns in my throat. Anytime i speak, I feel there’s pepper n fire in my throat. This stopped the first time we took the honey. I’m more than a happy person now. God bless you for the good work. Secondly, I have got my transfer I prayed for. I’ve only spent two years at my old station but God being so good I’ve got a transfer to Accra. Thirdly, my old friend in London has started having interest in me and he is planning to come down for us to marry. I strongly believe the final request is happening before the end of this month in Jesus’name .God bless you. Who says God no dey.

Good morning PKF, I have a testimony to share. I was feeling severe pains inside my head which I feared was a serious problem since I had been feeling pain and tingling sensations in the left side of my entire body for some months. I was afraid I was going to paralyze. I joined the prayers which said we should pray for anything we want and I placed my hand on my head and prayed fervently for healing. Days before I had gone see the Neurophysician who had asked for several tests and an MRI and waiting for the reports. I prayed and washed my feet and immediately after the prayer the pain surprisingly left me. Days later I went to the doctor and she also confirmed that I had no problems, infant her words were “you ar as fit as a horse”. PKF, I could not believe my ears. That night I joined the prayers once again to continue praying and whilst lying down, I felt a rush of heat throughout my body and since then, the pain and tingling sensations and all the horrible feelings in my head and body just vanished and till date I have not felt it again. I thank God for his mercies and healing. May His name be praised.This month I have two testimonies I am believing him for.Thank you for this wonderful prayer session. From Hilda.

PKF, I can’t hide my excitement. I just received my residence permit in the U.K. I have been working in a company here in the U.K. without a valid visa. They wrote to me and said that they have been going through my documentation and want me to provide my visa now or they will dismiss me. PKF, I was so shaken. We prayed this afternoon on Koinonia about doors that have been shut by the enemy. Just this afternoon my lawyer called me and I have received my leave to remain in the U.K. God bless you PKF and I am so happy I can’t even eat.

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