A colour that is royal
One that is precious
One that suits every occasion
One that can make me wonder how or whether or not the oceans can cause a migraine

The skies are made of stability as they inhabit the clouds.
Been aligned to the intensity of calmness a shade amongst greatness

On my knees i go to the waters
Blue and genuine on every side

I dip my fingers in so i get a feel of them “Ughh…so refreshing.. so amicable and impeccable, a feeling so compassionate

The feeling of having blue besides you is like that of been glued towards an orbit. Not knowing the ups and downs it could cause

Taking you round and round space.
Reaching out into the deep of the pacific Surrounded by dolphins and lilies

Blue my world
My relief
My joy
My stability my peace

Whenever i envision you, i go dumb.
I keep my eyes shut so i could get a better view blue

Cuffing you in my palm like my pillow i lay on you as i lay on my bedspread

Welcoming and intriguing enough soothing to the soul.

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