Like Hercules
I will withstand anyone that arises separating us
Even the gods of my father

As Macbeth fought for his throne by killing his father
So shall I kill anyone who emerges between you and I my rib

Even like Brutus
Being honourable enough to kill Caesar,
So shall I be honourable enough in this our walk together

As the Montagues and the Capulets did not agree to get Romeo and Juliet hitched
So shall I not ratify family members to destroy this our union

Like Bernard Shaw,
I will arm every man that dares to fall into our business

Nevertheless when Cassio detested Lago for his promotion, so shall we detest to the core anyone abhor our promotion into marriage

My love, my jewel there is no one else athwart you
The skies are above you but they are afraid to descend

The sun may heat up the earth because it arises transversely

Indeed not the sun nor the moon not the ten wild animals with human heads can obviate you and I from being together

My light not at the end of the tunnel
But my light embedded in the tunnel every step of the way

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