Some Twitter Influencers You Need to follow if You are a Newbie

Good. Now if you are a fan Social Media, you would have probably heard about twitter in a way, yeah, if you are bored eh, just validate yourself with a twitter account and come join me in the world of fun and AGENDA.

Maybe you might have heard of twitter because of the funny memes a lot of derive from it. Let me share my experience with you, I always heard of Twitter as a fun place almost all of my mates were on Twitter, and so if you don’t have a Twitter account, then it means you are not considered human. Sometime topics that were up for discussions were just explained extensively in Twitter groups, so, I told myself, if takes just a twitter account to do gain knowledge, then I’m in, lets do this.

After I had my twitter account ready, I decided to follow some people and trust me, I followed Comedian Warris first then left it at it, just like that. One day while viewing status update……………………..

Let me tell you something what I have written up there is irrelevant let move to the main Issue, so if You are Twitter newbie in Ghana whom should you follow? Hmm tough question huh? Okay just keep reading and you will get your answers.

Nungua Cardi B

If you want your stay on the twitter app to be ENJOYABLE as anything else you should consider following this account. With just a tweet, she changed the Ghanaian trend list to Just Bible Characters and Bible Names with one tweet apparently that tweet is her pinned tweet this is the link to that tweet so if you click this link You will get acess to the funniest twitter Thread in Ghana rn.

Her handle on twitter is @elly_serwaa or click this link to follow her


Another Twitter “Influencer” who makes my stay on twitter very exciting is Kalylay. So actually this guy likes agenda, trolls, and a whole lot of things ahaaa Brezz he likes some. And on the 8th of November 2020, Kalyjay has started a confession series that will blow your mind with the hashtag #osofogyaigyimii , and the Confession people get nu erh, ego bost your mind. Ayt so this is the link to some of the confessions people make that is the 7th part and trust me ,its one of the funniest threads I have personally seen on the tl.

Click this link to follow him

See some of the screenshots from the #osofogyaigyimii

Nungua Mr.Bean

Herr as for this guy eh, rest He is very funny lets just take a look at a tweet he tweeted about his future daughter

When we say someone is funny, This is it masa see if you follow this guy, you are not going to regret your stay on twitter. Periodt. Click this link to follow him

Mempeasem President

So this guy had like plenty followers , chaw buh suddenly jack decided to make the tl boring so his account was suspended. And you know something, see I have been followin him oh buh paa s3 He will follow back dier lailai.

Mempeasem Presidents Account when you view it right now

So Mempeasem Presidents account was suspended and he has a backup account

click this link to follow him

Mr. Pr33sd3nt

When we say parody account @Opresii’s account is one .He tweets about current issues like the funny side of our President On the 8th of this month , the President was supposed to address the nation u just take a look at some of his tweets about it

How can You tell me stop going on twitter when there are people there who make the app addictive Click this link to follow him


Another controversial Twitter Godess who some people believe is catfish just because she likes football .Ah Ghana paa dierr tueh. She recently complained of people commenting catfish under her post on twitter. Buh anyways if You want your stay on twitter to be enjoyable follow her.

click this link to follow her


So have You ever bothered yourself to change your avi on twitter , nice answer yes there is this Twitter personality who changes her avi all of a sudden and boom she get people talking . Even ,me kraa po she wished me goodnight buh I did not sleep , the next day I told her that because of her good night’s wish the sleep I had hit differently.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚hmm mabodam hong? Your favourite person for Twitter ever wish you goodnight before. Anyways, click this link to follow her

Kasoa Baahubali

Okay So we move buh there is this one person who always make my day , he doesn’t post funny things ooo buh he is one of the coolest tweeps in Ghana right about now. And if You are looking for Twitter sensation that will market your product for you just dm all of the above Tweeps.


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