None other like you

Do I yearn so much to be true

A place not of public quiet

But of sound rest

Where I could reach out freely

Home abstractly presents itself in discrete ways depending the visage taken by its owner’s mind but whatever the notion was,my question is how much were you contributing to maintain or improve upon yours?

My Family

It was okay…really.I didn’t know what preferred adjective to complement it with.I mean,every family had some issues and in this family I could have been one.That is to say so,if they were observing.I appreciated what I had but I’ll tell you for a fact,something was missing.

It started to sink in a few years ago after my first degree.It was a personal decision of mine to find work on my own without any assistance.I wanted to do something different without any credit given to another for assisting me.One may comment that was a good idea,another will take me for an arrogant personality.Well…wait till you hear a short story.

My name is Aba and obviously like I mentioned earlier,working and for a private logistics firm situated in one of the renowed estate a few kilometres from where I actually live.For now I preferred to keep the location of the work place a secret,at the moment at least.This of which I know I’ll suceed doing.I come from a wealthy family and I’m saying not because I want to but because there was notging to hide.It wasn’t going to change who I was.My Dad and Mom is what you will describe as being ‘filthy rich’ and it reflects on everything they did.From living to lavishing their kids expensively and by this you could deduce that I had other siblings.

We were four in number,with me being the third in order.Three girls and a boy with the latter being the last born.We were housed in a luxurious seven bedroom house situated in Airport Residential Area in the suburbs of Accra.Besides that we had another apartment we loved to spend Christmas in once every year also in Accra but it had turned out to be used mostly by the children,I must say.My parents were each with professional jobs with demanded a lot ot commitment hence most of their times were out of home even with the brief time of spent little quality time together.It was cool…with my siblings and I can’t say anything different.I was getting used to it.

I believed that our parents cared much for us other that we won’t be living like this.Also we have been taught in school and church to be grateful to what our guardians provided us with.How then could I be complaining since from home to school to church,every single bill was catered for,not every family enjoyed these priviledges.So I had to be thankful that there was something blessed to have.

However,there was an issue.Speaking for myself,with me.I felt like something was missing and after two years of investigation,I found out what.I have a wonderful family no two ways about that but there was one vital requirements I realized we did not have which was Family time.A time I know spent between parents and kids to share their strengths and weaknesses,rights and wrongs,fears and worries and possible giving the right counselling and solution to counter each problem.A time known to freely talk and laugh even for the most introverted person to open up.This I never saw and had indirectly affected me in ways I didn’t earlier recognize.It wasn’t their fault either but if they could at least sacrifice even thirty minutes a day,It won’t take anything from them.

I’m on a holiday break now since we are approaching Christmas and my siblings are also at home.Most of them also have been given breaks from workplace,in fact the one in which Dad worked for and my brother also because of school’s break.They are currently having conversations with their friends in the living room whilst I chose to remain in my room to make a few paintings of my own.Not that I didn’t want to have fun,the that type of hang out fun with friends,I just didn’t feel like it…almost all the time.Actually because the talks were mostly irrelevant.If it wasn’t gossips,it was fashion or matters on romantic relationships or trending news.Not that it was bad but it was sickening.For once something positive and mind baffling about creativity,invention,possible future solutions or the like was better but not…My head is even aching from speaking out of defense.

Anyways that is me.They were also different and had their respective opinions and interests.I pick my newly done painting,smiling in admiration and looking at it now,started to think deeply.It was a painting for my parents,you know a Christmas present and a Thank you at the same time.It wasn’t the first piece neither the first to be taken.I had three other finshed ones which I made for them but since they never had time,I had kept them up in a box,to prevent them from turning dusty.

The painting I’m looking at now has what can be seen to be a Family;an adult male and female,with four kids sitting at a side by the lake.I often like to paint a boy instead of a girl in my place,its funny.I just imagine myself to be a boy sometimes.I had drawn my mom as a young girl, as if she was the eldest amongst us.As I continued observing,scrutinizing my picture,a knock on my door interrupted my concentrated session.It was my brother,he came to inform that dinner was ready.I quickly checked the time,Wow!I had been painting for five hours without a break. Realizing my famished state immediately,I quickly organized myself and with a last look at the painting,sighing and in my head saying,”If only our Family could become like this” exited the room and walked in the direction towards the dinning room.

…to be continued

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