How to change the result of your google search into your own words

How to make google give you a specific answer you want to a question.

This is like the thing beginner hackers do to feel confident that hacking is easy before

you go on to the actual headache. So, we have been seeing funny posts of people showing

pictures of typed in questions on google and showing odd answers which, the person wants

to be shown, well maybe I can help you know how it is done. Follow the simple steps below

and you will finish in less than a minute, but first, your requirements are;

* Internet connection for as long as 5 seconds or less depending on how fast your network is

* A web browser; Chrome, Firefox, Waterfox, Tor, Brave, Opera, Phoenix, PHx or any other web browser you have

* A search engine which you automatically have because you have a browser, search engines include; Google, DuckDuckGo or Quant or any other you have

* A keyboard for typing obviously

* 1 minute of your time, no like 5 to 10 minutes because you have to read this first before you do

* Fingers for typing, yeah

And that is obviously it, well basically all that matters is the internet connection. Worry not, you won’t waste much bundle just 5 seconds of it.

And now for the procedure, this is how it goes;

                Firstly, go to the search area of your browser, (Chrome or any other), now type whatever you want, like for example, “how to get 100 US dollars by breathing”, yep that sounds pretty stupid but whatever let’s just go on. So, tap on enter and let the results of your search come

Now, I need you to tap on F12 or you can right click on any space on the results page and select inspect element from the pop-up menu that appears, pressing F12 does the same thing though.

An awesome code window will appear. It doesn’t matter which position of the screen it will appear. It may appear on either the top screen, left, right and bottom, you can position it however you want it. Now, I need you to check the top left corner of the code window you will see an incomplete rectangle with a mouse cursor in it, I need you to click on it, make sure you do click on it.

Next, I need you to go and click on the first result, that “100 US dollar to Ghanaian Exchange Rate. Convert”, and after clicking on it, you will see at the coding window that the blue selecting line is on something different,

Yes, it will take you to that <span>…</span> thing. I need you to tap on the … area. After clicking on that, you will see that the text we clicked on is the same one here, now I need you to use backspace to clear the text and type whatever you want to type, in my case, I will type what I typed in the search box and tap on enter,

So, the text there changes into what you typed and now, let’s make the result or the text under what we just typed to change, follow these simple steps.

Click on that incomplete rectangle with the mouse cursor in it and tap on the text under the one we just edited, that “Convert 100 USD to GHS with the TranserWise…….”

You will see that the blue line will be on some <div> thing

See the text in that <span> thing, double click on it and type anything you want into it, in my case

“Ah Bros Na you wossop Look at his Jon, you think say this be Tom and Jerry, foolish boy, go away this guy paa / you want 100 US dollars for breathing ah, don’t angry me get out”

Take note, you have to edit everything in between the <span> and the </span> okay? Cool

SO, congratulations, you did it, now to get only a picture of what we edited, use screen snip on windows, use the shortcut keys, windows key + shift + s and select only the edited area and save it by clicking on the save icon

Now, you will get something like this

Don’t worry, all screen snips go to your downloads folder and so you will get something like the image above, I know it is pretty cool, now go and try it.

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