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This is not a stereotypical post against any Asian. But this just happened to be the plight a young girl faced.

“Sokosoko,” he said again. I thought and thought. What is that? Sokosoko? For the next thirty seconds I was wondering what it meant or even something close…oh umph! I just couldn’t.
“I don’t understand,” I finally let out conquered.
“Money yeah?”
My eyes narrowed into squints behind my glasses.
“I give you money, yeah? A lot of money, okay? Just sokosoko, me and you, for money yeah?” He pointed to the working materials room I mentioned. “In there.”

The narrow became wide. I couldn’t contain my displeasure.
I was stupefied,
I was…what other word is there?
I was anything and everything a fifteen-year old would feel if she was offered money in exchange for sex.
“No sir,” I strongly refused in a stern voice laced with disgust. “Sorry, no.”

I did not know what to do. Where he sat was close to the exit to the nearest place where people were. My only way was back. He stood and began closing in on me. I began to retreat with his pace – back towards the direction down the stairway – towards that room.

I looked around – nobody.
The workers were at the other side of the Titanic.
No other human being in sight? Just this crazy man and I?
Would they hear if I screamed?
What if he became aggressive if I screamed?
Tears began to blur my vision.

“Come on now,” he said in a lustful tone.
“No!” I strongly refused again.
My heart began to hit against my chest from the inside and I began to pray for a miracle. It felt like my chest would explode from the thump. With each movement, he was strategically directing me towards the room.
‘God please don’t let him get me’ was all I screamed with all my heart in thought.


It happened.

A monarch rests on a visitor's hand during the launch of the month of the monarch butterfly at Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico City in April 2017. Edgard Garrido/Reuters
When God stepped in, a miracle happened.

I don’t know how. But I guess that’s what makes miracles, well, miracles.
His phone fell.

Just like that.

How it fell out of his hand, I do not know.
And the Good Lord neither made it my concern nor my care. But what he made me see was my open opportunity to bolt past him through the open exit behind him that was unavailable at first. Before Jack could say Jill, I dashed by him and away through that exit path which was between the Form Two Block and Form Three Block extension to safety once he bent down to pick up the phone.


I neither stopped running nor looked back, but headed right for the Form One Block. Some housemates of mine worked there too. When two of them saw me coming towards their working areas jittery, they wondered what was up with me.

“Sit down, sit down,” they said to me when I got there. I was still quivering when I sat in a desk in one of the classrooms. They were still around because they were perfecting some one or two flaws the housemistress detected in their work. It meant she was close – and I wasn’t finished with my work! I narrated everything to them and begged them to come and help me finish my work before the housemistress got to my working area.

They quickly agreed and followed me to my working area. I was walking in the lead, and on seeing me appear alone, he began to move in my direction from the other end of the Titanic’s front and fast. But he slowed down in his steps when he saw the other two girls appear. ‘Yeah, you’d better!’ I said to him from my thoughts.

It was the first ever time in my life, and hopefully my last, that someone offered me money in exchange for sex. Today, whenever that incident comes to mind, I get overwhelmed with gratitude to God that this man didn’t attack me and didn’t forcefully defile me.

Imagine what would have happened to me:
What would I have become?
My state
Would I still be sane?
What would have become of my future? I probably would have gotten pregnant from the encounter.
Just imagine.

When you think of these questions and envision all the possible results of a few minutes of that site manager satisfying his libido, you will help me thank God oo. God really saves and answers prayer.


Did she not report him?

Well, she didn’t. She feared the dramatic scandal that would have resulted if she ever reported
And it’s the fear most threatened girls have.
She made that mistake too. Who knows how many more girls he must have made advances towards? Who knows if he actually got someone?
That thought probably haunts her to this day. If you ever face such a threat, dear minor, dear adult, don’t hesitate to report it and contribute to protecting other young girls from being unfortunate victims.

I think I am done here.

ONCE AGAIN: This is not a stereotypical post against any Asian. But this just happened to be the plight a young girl faced.

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