Some deadly things singles should not do

As singles, there are some deadly things we should not do in life. If we refuse to do them, we will live happily and enjoy life to the fullest. Singles here means people who have reached marriageable stage but are not yet married. These are some of the things we should not do as singles;

Never live without Christ. Don’t ever spend a day without Christ. The most crucial thing every single should do is to always live with Christ. Make Christ your everything and you will never regret it.

Never have a zero thinking and a stinking thinking : Always think positively and not negatively. Even if you are in bad times, confess positively and speak it out and success will be your portion.

Never have a fast lane marriage: Don’t rush into marriage. Take your time, study the person well and pray about the person well before you marry him/her.

Never marry for the wrong reason: Never marry because of the person’s status or money, or because of the person’s tribe or any other thing. Marry because you love the person and you are ready to share the rest of your life with the person.

Never marry outside the will of God Always include God in your decision to marry. Go to God in prayer and let God direct you as to the right person to many. If you allow God to choose for you, He will do it so always focus on God and let God help you in choosing the right partner.

Never marry without praying: Before you choose your partner and even before you marry, make sure you’ve prayed fervently about the person and God has confirmed the right person before you marry else, your marriage will not last.

Never marry someone who does not love you: never marry anyone who pretends he/she loves you but in reality, the person is just in for your money or something worthwhile you have. Don’t give in to such tricks, else after the person has gotten what he/she wants, the person will leave you and the marriage will collapse.

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