As the remainder of the world anticipates the eventual outcome of the US political decision, which is by all accounts deferred or delayed because of specific vulnerabilities such as Trump’s rehashed cases to have won the election while counting of votes is still ongoing.

Is Trump scared? Will Joe Biden be crowned president of the United States? Well, all things being equal, Joe Biden is currently leading votes, with 73,711,608 votes(264) with just few votes left to reach the 270 mark which is more than half of all electors to take him to the white house.

What at all is delaying the results?

Over 300 Lawsuits have been filed so far over supposed penetrates or breaches of appointive law in the 2020 political race, per reports, more can be expected over allegations of postal voting irregularities and changes to voting rules due to the corona virus pandemic.

However, Trump’s sue to stop vote-counting in Pennsylvania and Georgia was dismissed by judges in Georgia and Michigan, on Thursday.

If lawsuits continue to rise, results may be postponed for weeks and even months just to meet and solve all these accusations.

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