STRONGMAN took Extra Money for the Shoot; Kumerican Artist FUMES

An Underground highlife artist, based in Kumasi, popularly known in showbiz as Freddy Blaze fumes in an interview with Zion Felix. He recounted that Strongman Charged an amount of Ghs1000.00 to record a song with him, and latter requested another Ghs2000.00 for the video shoot. In his own words, he thinks charging him an extra Ghs2000.00 for a video shoot aside the Ghs1000.00 given to him (Strongman) is outrageous. He believes the situation could have taken another turn; he has since dumped the song. The audio of the song, titled “I don’t know” was released some time back last year.

However, an opposing view suggest that it’s time musician get what is due them.  Music is a full time job for most people and must be seen as such, musicians cannot do freebies all the time. In Ghana Strongman is a big brand with a huge following and will add a lot of buzz to your songs.

Freddy Blaze known in real life as Fedderick Boakye has been in the music industry for the past 6 years. He stated that although he has been in the music scene for that long, he is yet to benefit anything substantial from the music business. However, he has gained some level of popularity, he added. He recently released a song titled “No Love” which he is currently promoting <<Go check it out guys>>.

According to him, the song was inspired by a heartbreak he had recently suffered. Esther, his then girlfriend, whom he has been in a relationship with for the past 4 years, was caught with another man, leading to the break up. Earlier this year, a viral video popped up on social media where his then girlfriend (Esther) was seen apologizing to him live on BRYT TV. He explained that his ex-girlfriend had followed him to the TV station without his concern after he had blocked her on WhatsApp. Thus, he was shocked when she appeared in the studio that day.

ZionFelix asked why he has not blown yet as an artist, and he said not knowing the right people in the music industry is a big problem for most underground artists. He lamented that the music industry is such that, if you are not at the top, you do not get the right people to help you. Radio Presenters and DJs also make the system difficult for musicians to gain airplay, because they don’t pay payola. Moreover, he finances his music. He stated that he runs a family business, which fetches him some money to fund his music. He is optimistic that one day the music will pay off.

When he was asked why he is doing highlife amidst the ongoing Kumerican hip-hop and drill buzz, which is currently promoting the likes of YawTOG and the rest . He emphasized that he is versatile and can perform all genre of music, but he prefers highlife to the other genres because it depicts the Ghanaian culture.

Nonetheless, He is set to release a hip-hop song in the coming days. Follow him on all social media platforms @iamfreddyblaze for updates on his projects.

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