God Factor is an annual event held in the first week of October which began 8 years ago in a small conference room in London. Hosted by Rev. Nii Quaofio, God Factor has by far been one the most powerful, inspiring and most importantly one of the programs where God had his way.

The 8th edition was not an exception but rather an exceptional one as it stirred up the hopes and faith of people in these trying times. It took off on the 4th of October 2020 at Action Chapel International Judea Temple, Dansoman with Apostle Paul Odola from Nigeria.

 The man of God spoke generally  on HELP. He stressed on a few verses from the bible {i.e : 2 Kings 6: 25-26, 2 Kings 7:1-4 , Luke 4 : 23-27 , Psalm 46 : 1-5 }

The man of God taught us How to find help, where to go to for help, how to provoke supernatural help and also left us with dumbfounding quotes and points which have really changed our lives for good. Some of which are:

  • There are dimensions of help you will never see until you stand on the platform of sacrifice.
  • Where God is concerned, you don’t wish, you must know. You don’t just know, you must act.
  • If God is not your priority in calamity, poverty and suffering, you won’t have intervention
  • Perception is a spiritual awareness that guarantees a flow of divinity.

{Mark 8:18, Genesis 28:10-17, Luke 8:43-48}

  • God is a common factor but our understanding determines his manifestation.

He also spoke about man as a significant factor of HELP

  • If you must change your season you must have a sense of value for the men and gifts of God.
  • Men of God are the ones that move God in the direction of their declaration.
  • God uses men to bring time to his spoken word.

Little had we recovered from the powerful  messages  of Apostle Paul Odola and we were back again on day 5 to receive another mind blowing miracle in word form from the Prophet Evans Oppong who came all the way from London.

The prophet spoke on the theme ABLE . He enlightened us on a few scriptures from the bible {i.e ; Genesis 30:27-34}  and also left us filled with lots of wisdom nuggets. Some of which are:

  • You will perish with your holiness if you don’t create value
  • Elements of life you need to function everywhere and anywhere

– knowledge 

– wisdom

– understanding

  • Your life must be a contradiction of the circumstances of life.

God is making something out of you

  • Go for the diet and  food and menu of God.

That makes Christianity beautiful.

  • Activate the mind of Christ

– mind of possibilities

– mind of creativity

  • God can not give you an assignment and not grace you to live to execute it.
  • The blessing of God defies human logic and assessment.

 God often times uses situations as platforms for         manifestation

The conference ended on Sunday with a wonderful thanksgiving service filled with joy. Lots of testimonies etc.

People were blessed, healed, impacted and a whole lot more but most importantly God moved in our midst. Despite the rains, pandemic and economic crisis God showed Himself strong in this conference. This is just to tell you’re your problem is not bigger than God, no situation is so in your trying times difficult and hard times remember the bible says in Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28 KJV

All things will work together for your good!

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IT’S GOING TO BE MEGA, SUPER AND POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excerpts from the conference:

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