If your woman does these, LEAVE HER!

Women they say are unavoidable, they come across as one of the most complex and unpredictable beings you can ever think of. These days many women finds it difficult to tell men in the face what they truly feel about them, especially when they do not want them as boy friends. They often tend to give unresponsive signals to the man, hoping the man senses it and backs off. Often than not, most men finds it difficult to read these signals, hence can not tell if she truly loves him the same way he loves her. This has led to a lot of heartbreaks and disappointments in one way or the other. Here is a list of some red flags every man can use to tell if she does not love him back.

She always cancels the date. Not once, not twice, it’s her habit.

Women are often not direct with their feeling towards a man. If a woman keeps giving you excuses to postpone a date you both agreed on, then it is most likely she does not like you. This is not to say she cannot be genuinely busy. What is key here is when she consistently gives you a reason to postpone a date you both agreed. This is valid because if she truly likes you, she should be eager to meet you. Right?

She takes her time getting back to you.

Women may be busy, could be work, chores etc., and may genuinely not be able to return calls or reply messages in time. However, if she truly loves you, she will always get back to you as soon as she gets a little break.  Here is the thing; a good rule of thumb may suggest you wait 24 hours. If she does not get back to you within this period, then it’s most likely, she is not interested.

She friend zones you.

If she introduces you to her friends as a friend, that is a huge red flag. Some times between the both of you, you know you are in relationship, but she tends to put you in a friendship zone any time you meet her friends. She often does not want her friends to know you are her boyfriend. Believe you me, you are single. Leave her now!!

You are always the one to initiate contact.

If you are always the first to initiate a conversation, then it is most likely she is not interested. For instance, you go through your chats or call logs with her and you seem to be the first to always initiate contact, that is a huge red flag, telling you she does not really care about you. Because if she cares for you, she will always want to hear from you, especially when both of you haven’t seen each other for days.

She has no time for you.

If she always doesn’t give you attention, then it’s most likely she doesn’t like you. For instance, she chats on the phone whenever you’re talking to her. She seems to forget everything special you discuss with her.

Men!! enough is enough, leave her immediately when you notice these red flags about her. Eight out of ten women showing these signals will hurt you in the end. Be warned!!!.

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