READ!! How To Get Free Food @ K.F.C.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as K.F.C. is worldwide known fast food joint. It’s mainly famous for it’s tasty chicken and crispy fries. In this post, I am going show you how to get up to Ghs 250 worth of free food. It is a very simple and easy trick.

All you need is a receipt of k.f.c. order and a device connected to the internet. Below is the step by step guide to get it.

How To Get The Free Food

First of all, walk into any kfc branch near and order anything. This is to get you the receipt.

kfc receipt

On the receipt there is a link provided below, enter the link in your browser to begin the survey. You can use and use your given code to enter.

Complete the survey and fill any other info needed so you can be alerted. If it pulls through, you stand the chance to win up to Ghs 250 worth of food. Enjoy yourself and do not forget me.

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