Ever feel so angry or extremely furious at someone but you just can’t pinpoint why? One minute, you’re so happy and calm; talking your hearts out cause he or she is a very dear friend and the next out of nowhere there’s an argument. At that point in time all you want to do is get as far away from them as  possible, mainly because you’re afraid of what you might say or do in order to hurt them. There are times when you actually follow that instinct you have. You end up screaming your head of or rattling out all the horrible and most hurtful words you’ve ever heard just to make them feel the way you feel; to impact that same amount of searing pain and if possible an even greater amount. At that moment, when every single thought you have is making sure you scar that person for life, that’s the point where you must remember to breathe. That’s the point where you must hold your tongue.

Rage or anger is a very strong emotion. It tears you up on the inside, ripping through your heart with such intensity; and if you are close to or talking to the person who caused that emotion to even start to brew, every single word he or she says raises the temperature of the flame burning within you. It is said counting from one to ten or if you’re very angry from one to a hundred should calm you do. However, if you’re as crazy as me, counting to a million won’t even be able to be to lower the temperature in the room let alone quench the flame at the center. We belong to the category of people that physical activity such as running or jogging is of no use and the more we hold that outburst in, the angrier we become. We are the people who must get rid of that anger at all cost and usually choose the easiest way out; which is letting it out on anyone. At the end we apologize and try to explain but the damage has already been done.

That’s why self control is so important. People are annoying and infuriating but that is just how people are, including us (after all we’re just as human as they are). No matter how pissed we may be, let’s make an effort to not explode at our friends and family or even that annoying guy or girl in your class that you can’t stand. If we do, we will definitely ruin a beautiful relationship and spend eternity trying to get that vibe again. 

Peace ✌.

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