If you are fond of buying used phones from unknown persons you might end up in prison

Those of you who are fond of buying used mobile phones, laptops and other devices at very cheap prices from suspicious sellers and roadside vendors, be very careful.

You could be rounded-up by the police one late night, spend some days, weeks or even months in the cells and possibly be tortured too.

If you are not too lucky, you could spend years in jail and that is the fact.

I’m reading details of facts of the case of the slained Mfantseman MP as presented by the Prosecutor in court. It’s quite intriguing and an eye-opener.

The late MP’s phone was taken by the robbers before he was shot. It appears, fortunately, the phone had a tracker installed. The Police thus tracked the phone which led to Kumasi Akwatia line, where the first suspect was arrested. He claimed to have bought the phone from another at Aboabo. The phone has passed through the hands of three separate persons all buying at different prices.

The one who is alleged to have originally sold the phone is now at large.

All I’m saying, I know things are hard but just be a good citizen. Do not patronize these suspicious sellers. Even if you’d have to buy, be extra vigilant.

If you keep buying and swapping cheap electronic and other devices from such dodgy guys, you may end up swapping your sleeping place one day.

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