Quick Read: Funny Face loses temper 😑 on Ghanaians over #EndSars protests – Video

#ENDSARS: Funny Face angry with Ghanaians over conducting protests

Publicly tagged “Kasoa Vandame” aka Funny Face is apparently not the right person to play around with, especailly when it comes to serious issues that concerns his personality.

Just recently, we saw the comic-actor burst into despair as a video of him showed he’s annoyed by some Ghanaians who follows his official Instagram handle.

He directed the video towards his Instagram followers who have been serving him the wrong meal all long.

it’s not clear what conspired between him and his fans, but he continued to fire insults on those wrongly critizing him over his involvement in the EndSars protests at his Kasoa locality.

As we listened carefully to the words made, Funny face claimed Ghanaians have always been picking the wrong sides with him.

Press play to listen to what he says.

The actor has for many occasions shown to Ghanaians, that he’s an emotional kind of person, who can lose his cool at any time.

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