Ever scratched recharge cards with your nails? see the cancer involved.

Doctors and scientist across the world discover new diseases almost every year. A recent tragic discovery as we all know is the corona virus. This virus has killed millions of people around the world and still counting. The year 2020 soo far has been the only year with millions of death across the globe. Apparently, corona cases seem to be declining, the globe as a whole is undergoing a general healing.

Doctors in the United States have discovered a new cancer in Human Beings, caused by Silver Nitro Oxide. Have you ever scratched a recharge card with your finger nails? Well, if you have and have been doing it then I would advice you stop.

Recharge cards are coated with Silver Nitro Oxide which can cause skin cancer in the long run. Kindly stick to the digital way(momo or EVD transfer) of buying credit and avoid scratching recharge cards with your nails when you purchase one. You can use a coin to prevent the coat from touching your nails.

Thanks for your time.

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