6 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Ghanaian Nurse

Marriage is an important institution in Ghana. Choosing the right partner is very essential as choosing the wrong partner can be dangerous.

Several factors are taken into consideration when choosing a partner. which includes; Ethnicity, financial status, religion, educational background, and more recently, professional people such as Nurses,Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, journalist , and many more.

Nurses are professional, however some Ghanaians reservations about marrying nurses due to some stereotypes about them, some people say they are rude, arrogant and whatnot.

I would give you six special reasons why you should marry a nurse

  1. Great Listeners

You should marry a Ghanaian nurse because they are great listeners. Listening to patients is one of the important part of their profession, they listen very attentively to what their patients complain, take notes of them and provide remedy.

In the same vein, when you marry a nurse, she will always make herself available to listen to your problems and provide a solution.

You would never have to think about your problems alone if you marry a Ghanaian nurse. She would always be there to give a listening ear and a supportive shoulder.

2. You Are Assured Of Healthy And Nutritious Meal

The first priority of a nurse is your total well-being as a core mandate of the nursing profession is making sure their patients Are healthy.

They have the knowledge about the healthy foods and healthy life choices that will reduce your chances of falling ill.

3. Free Healthcare For You

When you marry a nurse, you are assured of free healthcare. With a nurse as a wife, she will give you medical advice free of charge. She can also inject you at home when you need to be injected. No more visiting the hospital and joining long queue.

4. They Have A Charming Personality

Have you noticed Most Ghanaian nurses are very pretty and approachable? When you marry a Ghanaian nurse, your friends will always envy you and shower praises on your wife.

Her smile would always lighten up your mood no matter what you are going through.

5. They Take Good Care Of Their Kids

Nurses are said to be great mothers. They know what to do during pregnancy since its their field. They are equipped with the requisite skills required to bring up a healthy child.

6. Great Caregivers

Nurses are naturally trained to take care of people and meet their needs. All men want a woman who can take care of them.

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