Twitter goes gaga as Akufo-Addo ‘ignores’ #ENDSARS, tweets about ballot position

In the past 24 hours, there has been surmounting pressure on Nana Akufo-Addo, as ECOWAS Chair, to speak out on the ongoing unrest in neighbouring country Nigeria.

Nigerian youth have for the past twelve days engaged in a series of protest to demand better treatment from their government. The protests, themed #EndSars and #EndPolicebrutality saw thousands gather at vantage points to register their displeasure.

At the climax of the event, however, there was a shootout by alleged military personnel killing several Nigerian citizens on Tuesday evening.

Few hours after the killing, Akufo-Addo’s first post this morning on Twitter was about his position on the ballot paper for the upcoming polls.

“Number 1 on the ballot. Let’s maintain the first position on 7th December 2020 to do more for Ghanaians. Vote for Akufo-Addo and the NPP. #4MoreForNana,” his tweet read.

The post has generated several backlashes from Twitter users with some questioning if he’s still going to be silent on the issue.

“We will vote you out since you hv decided not to say anything the what is happening in Nigeria.”

“You just want him to tweet about end SARS and you think that will do something Nkolaa adwen sei”

“when he spoke, the burning church in France immediately resurrected. George Floyd resurrected amidst ongoing police brutality in USA. We humbly ask you wise sages for his past powers to raise our “nkola adween” neighbours in Nigeria. We beseech in humility.”

Below are some of his tweets

Number 1 on the ballot. Let’s maintain the first position on 7th December 2020 to do more for Ghanaians. Vote for Akufo-Addo and the NPP. #4MoreForNana— Nana Akufo-Addo (@NAkufoAddo) October 21, 2020

You’re here Making a whole of campaign; as a ECOWAS Chairman what did you have to do about what’s going on at NIGERA .The second coming of #JDM— Nana Akwasi Boateng (@alfred_ogee) October 21, 2020

He can’t control any army or police in Nigeria the only thing he can do is talk to their president which we all know for sure that everything is well and undercontrol which is false! The power is in their presidents hand nana can’t stop anything happening there even if he speaks— Head of state (@vay_isaac) October 21, 2020

Can’t do much at this stage. Stop throwing your emotions around. Just read on how the UN suffered to get into Syria when the Ghouta attack happened. One man swore to protect Nigerians and he is killing them. It is all on him and him alone.— Gyasi Emmanuel Berhene (@gyasi_berhene) October 21, 2020

I wonder if someone of us just come here and post out of emotions or just because they don’t know. He is the chairman but ECOWAS works as a council… are you expecting him to speak without the council’s statement??
Learn more before you talk!!— Lay_Low (@JrSarfo) October 21, 2020

Mr President this isn’t necessary! People are dying in ur neighbouring country Nigeria and u want to tell the world u number 1 on voters card! Who cares? You are Ecowas chair and u must do something about it! @realDonaldTrump same to you! Save Nigeria and win ur elections ????????????????— #KumericanMix (@DJFellifill) October 21, 2020

If not for anything at all there are Ghanaians in Nigeria who need your voice at this time, instead u choose to focus on ur reelection. So are u trying to say u will do same if the youth in GH decides to protest to live?
Hmm u are all one people!#EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeraNOW— Gunzz (@MelvinCourage) October 21, 2020

your morda— Dotti ™ (@DottiVybez) October 21, 2020

My president too dey do things oo. In the midst of this crisis at Nigeria and you being the president of Ghana and chairman of ECOWAS, this is what you have to tweet
For real ? Like just stay mute if you won’t talk about #EndSARS
I’m really disappointed— Nsawam Michael Scofield (@OkwasiaBiNti) October 21, 2020

Nigerians are Black . Give them same energy wai…— Anderson (@essahAnderson1) October 21, 2020

They dont care about us. Its very clear— Endsars Frisky ???????????????? (@iansuzir) October 21, 2020

His Excellency with all due respect how many people do you want to see die in Nigeria before you act as the ECOWAS Chair?
Just Imagine if it was in Ghana what would you have done?
Please Act Now or bare the guilt of the souls of the innocent ones dead— Cilla_gyiminite??????? (@Aj_cilla) October 21, 2020

Election! Is All our leaders think about! Think about us! Are you not getting tired of bleeding? What’s is there that we don’t know? Africans care less about Africans and we keep falling back while other fall forward! There’s nothing to boast of as a Ghanaian or African!— THANK GOD FOR TWITTA! (@Obiaaboa12) October 21, 2020

Mr President what’s happening? Why are you silent about the killings in Nigeria. Can’t the Ecowas intervene in Nigeria? As Ecowas chair you are still silent, this is unacceptable— G Adolphe Patrick (@adolphe_patrick) October 21, 2020

mr. president @NAkufoAddo dem say by force tweet abt sars oo….by force by force oo as if ur tweet go end d matter simple

so he mke we do am…u go tweet anaaa s3 still “number 1 on the ballot” hype— ernest???? (@ampra_e) October 21, 2020

Oh Nana Addo come on. You can do better than this. At least tweet something about the current state in Nigeria. This election is already yours but show some concern for our Nigerians ????????— Ray Hayne (@ray_hayne) October 21, 2020

Im a Ghanaian but @NAkufoAddo, I’ll wanna ask Haven’t you heard about this? Please we need you to act same as you did on George Floyd case. #EndSARS #BadgovernmentinNigeria ?????— black for blacks (@blaqabey) October 21, 2020

So why are you not talking?— Dee?????? (@AqwesiSunday) October 21, 2020— Ekow de farmer ?????????????????? (@ekow23) October 21, 2020

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