Touch These Parts Of Your Woman’s Breast And She Would Go Crazy For You.

Dr. Grace Buckman of Sonotech Medical and diagnostic Centre has given great hints On some particular parts of a woman’s breasts that a man can touch during foreplay, and when a man touches those Spots, that feelings she would get would make her feel like going crazy.

In an interview on eTV Ghana, she did mention that the breast is divided into four quadrants.

Out of these quadrants, which is the top-left of the left breast and top-right of the right breast are usually the very sensitive parts and can be a key point when caressing a woman’s breasts.

She again said “Even before the nipple, the areolar region, thus the dark skin surrounding the nipple area is another sensitive part of a woman’s breast, and for that matter going straight to the nipple area is very wrong. There is many sensitive areas even before the nipple.

According to the doctor, there is the presence of a hormone called oxytoxin in the female body which causes contraction of their uterus. That hormone also causes vaginal contraction and that is what makes women feel horny.

The more the breast are stimulated, the more the oxytoxin level rises, and for that matter causing more contraction of the inner region of the vagina making her horny and producing more vaginal fluids.

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