The Ultimate Betrayal

Excess water? Not for me.
Cleansing quality? Perhaps I’ll take it
Giver of life? Yeah that’s Mr Wa Ter
Destroyer of lives? That’s Mr. Wa Ter too
Seeing the flood in its full glory, has me awed and dismayed
In all truthfulness, I do not know whether to swim in the current flood
Or salvage what I can, of my property
A more hopeless situation, I have not seen
Honestly, I’m hurt.

For I thought Mr. Wa Ter and I were friends.
We have had some good times
I recall, he helped me clean up when I had excess filth on my persona
Quenching my thirst seemed to be his forte
On occasion, I have even substituted him for food
He is truly a great aide.
He and I have had a long lasting relationship, since my birth
He became essential to me, right from the beginning
It really would suffice to say I cannot live without him
But today, I experience betrayal of the highest form
A bosom friend I greatly rely on, has turned against me
He rushed into my home without thought,
Crashed through the door with his powerful waves,
Carelessly flung my things out
And made me homeless within a few minutes

Mr. Wa Ter succeeded in flooding my house, everyone could see that
But what most of you did not see, was the way he flooded my heart too, with misery
And filled my eyes with tears, like the fluid that he is
His actions drowned me in sorrow that I just can’t keep afloat
I detest him now, for in spite of all he has done, I still need him
My need for him is so strong, I can’t let him go, if I want a chance at survival
I feel betrayed, and I am hurt, but like a moth to flames, I just cannot keep away
Help me out, what should I do?
Perhaps there is another life giving fluid you can recommend for me?
For now, I scorn the phrase, “water is life”

I poured my grievances before Mr. Wa Ter and he apologized
In his apology, he says his actions were justifiable because I built on a waterway
What?!! How could he, how dare him?
So he couldn’t pass behind my house?
He had to plough through and destroy my gate, uproot my trees and throw my things away?
What a mean friend!!!
Do I mean anything to you at all?
Then he apologized again and said, he was overflowing
And couldn’t contain himself so he needed pathways and outlets.
If I was in your way, couldn’t you change your path for my sake??!!
I ranted and raved, alas, what is done, is done.
It is, what it is.

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