The kids of politicians will pay for this – Sonnie Badu angrily says as he prays for Nigeria

Youth in the West African country are calling for an end to SARS and police brutality

– Many stars have added their voices to the developments in Nigeria and have asked for the higher authorities to speak on the matter.

Multiple award-winning international gospel star, Dr. Sonnie Badu, has waded into the current happenings in Nigeria following days of #EndSARS protests all over the country.

Sonnie Badu was seen in a time of prayer and called for peace to rain.

The Baba singer indicated that the month of October was a very special one for Nigeria since they attained independence in that same month many years ago.

He said that it was like that an evil had been orchestrated which was currently fighting the West African country.

While praying, however, Sonnie Badu called on God’s mercy to revenge all the lives that were lost during the protest.

He went on to add that the children of the children and their children’s children, would pay for all the atrocities that are currently going on in Nigeria.

Excerpts of Sonnie Badu’s saw him saying:

“God, if there is any evil covenant that was initiated many years ago because this mouth of October is the month that Nigeria received independence.

Looking at the spiritual status quo, perhaps, an evil blood spoke of this generation. Tonight, we pray for mercy.

Even those who have lost their family members as a result of protesting for justice, let your mercy revenge.”

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