Reasons why some young guys grow bald and the general causes of hair loss in both males and females

Baldness (Alopecia) refers to the gradual or sudden loss of hair. It may occur in both males and females but it is more predominant in males. Having a fair understanding on the types of hair loss is the key to appreciate why some young guys grow bald and young girls also lose their hair. It may occur in anyone regardless of your age, gender or as to whether it runs in your family or not. Now let’s take at look some few causes of alopecia or hair loss in both males and females

Hair loss in both males and females

Firstly, Genetic factors is the first point to look at when considering an issue like this. Hair loss can be passed down by your father or mother. Even though hair loss and baldness can be due to genetics, the exact genetics involved are complex and not fully understood. It is therefore mighty important to find the cause and also a solution to the hair you are loosing than to place all blames on your parent. It is also very important to note that hair loss due to genetics is very hard to treat.

The second point to look at is our lifestyle. When we talk about lifestyle , this sounds strange to many people since most people who grow bald tend to blame their parents for this condition. Some even fire off insults on their parents but before you do anything silly, consider that the problem might also be from you. “Your general health and lifestyle is the second biggest factor to hair loss, says Iain Sallis, trichologist and founder of Hairmedic.” Some of the lifestyle factors that can cause severe hair loss are:

1) OBESITY: Obesity plays havoc with your hormones. Production of thyroxine and insulin can come under severe stress when you are overweight and this hormonal imbalance can be a threat to hair growth.

2) SMOKING: Research has proven that smoking can lead to unusual vasoconstriction which can reduce blood supply to the hair follicles. Since the hair follicles need a fresh supply of blood to stay healthy, any reduction in the blood flow makes re-growing hair very difficult as well as replacement of fallen hair.

3) DIET: Diet is a necessity for healthy growth of hair. We are what we eat and as a matter of fact, the cells that make up our hair are very sensitive to nutritional imbalances. For a healthy hair, one has to be conscious of his or her diet, taking into consideration nutrients such as proteins and irons. These two nutrients but not only limited to these are very essential for a healthy growth of hair. Hence it is possible to lose your hair or grow bald if you don’t take in a balanced diet.

4) STRESS: Under stressful moments, one can lose hair than normal. This is because when you are stressed and worried, the body tries to bring everything to normal by making extra hormones. The change in the hormone level can have an effect on different parts of your body including your scalp. Also in severe stress,the immune system attacks the hair follicle which may lead to thinning of the hair and a gradual or sudden loss of hair on the scalp. One whose baldness or hair loss is due to stress can stop it by having enough sleep, fun and also stop overthinking.

Hope this piece was very helpful.

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