Read This: Cheating in relationship, causes and remedies identified.

Cheating in a relationship is a state in which an individual aside his or her partner engage in affairs either sexually or orally with a different partner.

Taken time to know what lead to cause of such act whick leads to many disheartening situations, the following were curtailed with remedies to putting them off.

  1. Bad or poor communication between partners. Magnets he closer to each other most due to the level of communication they have, same do human beings. Communication as a key factor in effective relationships when lost will bring into homes or relationships suspicion which end up in cheating. Most partner keep blames on each other due to lack of communication. Now the question we have that need be answered is, How do I escape from cheating so far as poor communication is involved.
    a. Make time with your partner.
    b. Study each other to know when and how to interact so as to prevent the ‘I’m busy’ concept.
    This few stated when applied will boost your relationship to a higher level.
  2. Trust. In a relationship where trusting one another becomes a problem, cheating is inevitable. Looking at this scenario, Mr. Abao entered a relationship with Miss Baao, a lady she met at a night stand whose work for living is based at the night stand and Mr Booa felled in love with Miss Aboo who morally and spiritually is high. Looking at this personalities, we actually will predict that Mr. Abao will trust his partner less as compared to Mr. Booa. Yes. But it still can be reversed when both partners involved trust each other. It time to build on each other’s trust in a relationship and enjoy to its fullest realms.
  3. Love. It is an emotional state of mind in which an individual has passion for th other one by giving out him or herself in diverse way to suit the other individual. Cheating dominates in a relationship where there is no love amongst or between the two parties involved. For that to end and have peace in relationship, both parties must and should love one another as they accept to lay down their lives for one another. That when taken into consideration will make room for effective relationship.
  4. Respect. This is one great version needed in an effective relationship. Partners or parties in a relationship that less respect each other are found of cheating on each other without any feeling of shame or hurt. Disrespect at homes or relationships leads to misunderstandings as many are not ready to listen, discern and respect others views. Same as love is reciprocal same must respect be. Partners must respect themselves as well as others involved and have peace in their relationships.

Ladies in a relationship should do this to keep their men from cheating on them;

  1. Be willing to initiate sex. Men equate sex with desirability. Help your man to feel desired by expressing your love in a physical way.
  2. Be open to experimentation. It can be easy to get comfortable and fear of the unknown can stop you from being open to different sexual experiences. Allow your man to try new things with you. If you won’t, there will be someone else who will. I’m not saying to engage in sexual activity you find repulsive but allow yourself to experience new things with the man you love.
  3. Don’t over-accommodate. Sometimes in a relationship, a woman can become too accommodating. Men get into relationships with a very clear picture of what a lifetime partner looks like and this is often in stark contrast to whom he may have dated casually. Women work to become the person their partner wants them to be and in doing so, they lose themselves. One day, their man realizes this is what he asked for but he isn’t sure it’s what he really wants. Maintain a healthy sense of self in your relationship.

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