Man U star cheats on her pregnant wife

Manchester United players have a record in cheating on their spouses as players like Ryan Giggs, Anthony Martial, Mason Greenwood, Wayne Rooney, Luke Shaw have all been caught in the act.×250&!1&fsb=1&xpc=Qw68t6krBD&p=https%3A//

Another Manchester United player who have now been added to the list is defender, Aaron Wan-Bissaka who is said to be having a baby on the way but couldn’t respect his wife for that and went ahead to cheat with Jesse Lingard’s Ex who exposed him on Instagram story.

Few years ago, Wayne Rooney cheated on his wife by sleeping with a 50 year old woman.

Weeks ago, it was Harry Maguire that harassed a police officer at a club in Greece in which he was arrested.

Some fans have taken to twitter to react to the news and most are not happy, here are some reactions;

@TheSaltIsHere , What is actually wrong with our back four? AWB shagging anything that moves. Lindelof turning into Swedish Batman over the summer. Maguire throwing hands with the Greek police. Luke Shaw might actually be the least problematic. The only thing he’s hurting is his cholesterol”

@CFCMod_ “So Wan Bissaka has a baby on the way but he’s hooking up with Lingard’s ex and she exposes him on Instagram, this is the wildest shit ever 😭😭”

@vintageredss , “Wan Bissaka up against Neymar on 2 hours sleep because he’s writing paragraphs on snapchat to 3 different women, this club will be the end of me”

@AdamMcKola , “Aaron Wan Bissaka’s goal makes sense. Was playing like his girl was watching. 🤣”

@itzbasito , “Wan Bissaka has a baby on the way yet he is hooking up with Lingard’s ex who exposed him on Instagram story. 

Man Utd players can’t just be shameful for once, some weeks ago it was Maguire that harassed a police officer, now its AWB being a shameless hoe🥴”

@gymlad , “Rashford waking up Wan Bissaka to tell his baby momma to sign up for the free meals scheme”

What are your thoughts on Man U players cheating on their spouses and what do you want the pregnant wife to do? Drop your view in the comment section and don’t forget to share. Thank you.

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