Lately I’ve been thinking.

Lately I’ve been thinking
When you left it was fun for days
Then it dawned on me that it’s getting lonely

You left and I made myself an introvert
My mental health was declined
Pretending it’s getting to me
I don’t know about you

For me it’s very hard
I watch your pictures alot
Talk to myself like you were here

This is what I have to deal with
Ain’t doing this no more

We thought we’ve seen life
But little did we know
We saw going by the hate we hate
Damn! I really thought that we were doing fine

But no everything we lived was just a lie

How can we correct the past
Eh! how can we arrange the past
No we just want to have a peaceful life
Is it too much to ask

Every now and then there’s a lie
Every time there’s a case
What? Can’t we just live in peace
I guess we wasn’t meant to be

From the Heavens the Lord just watched us
Like a mother who is waiting just to call out her name
I guess my thoughts also have thoughts
‘Cause I don’t understand what is this all about

One day we will die and leave this all behind
But hey! that is not what really matters
Where will our soul go
Yeah that’s the question you should be asking..

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