I was caught on his bed says “The 17year Old-Girl”

The story unfolds when an old 17year old girl caught on bed with a married man Bra.Kojo having a hot sex during broad-day light.

According to the girl, she was a house servant for Bra.Kojo employed for menial course of business. So as usual she performed her normal chores at home by washing,cooking and getting the house tidy.

One morning,she woke up very early to start up her chores whiles working Bra.Kojo from no where came to her and he beckon for her and she attended to him.

Bra.Kojo got sexually aroused when he saw the standing breast and her wonderful bumped ass. He then insisted that she should go to her room and get properly dressed. When she entered her room immediately, Bra.Kojo banged into her room caught her laid close to her on bed he then started with kisses, later touching and squeezing her breast and finally laid with her.

However, On bed they both started where having a conversation on how to abort the result when pregnancy comes but unfortunately for them her wife got into her room and saw them laid down this got the scene so climaxed.

Moreover , on settling the dispute as revolve the young girl was physical abused by the woman and this led to a gross insubordination act by the girl she however , got up in anger and retailed massively.

Meanwhile, the husband Bra.Kojo was caught up in sadness baffled with fear and anger. As a result of the incidence which took place the young girl was caught up in the lobe with stress and fear thinking she will have a second chance to be free and move on with shame.

So on the other side , things became drastically different and she finally confess to his family of such misfortune pregnancy test which came out with disgrace, hatred and regrets.

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