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Valuation, by the context can be said to be the estimation of the worth of something – a good, asset, property and the like – and mostly carried by a professional valuer.

Even though this course may tend to be more professional and or in other words, practical, you can by the help of the below attached materials be fully abreast of it as you sit in the comfort of your home.

I’d suggest you download the materials given and get started. If not, try possible to keep the link in touch so as to access it anything and anywhere needed.

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To add to that, keep this in mind as and when you tackle any topic in valuation:

Valuation is simple; we choose to make it complex

Every valuation has a story even though it’s about numbers

If valuation goes bad it’s because of these three(3); buyers,uncertainty and complexity rather than numbers.

Price is what you pay.

Value is what you get

Warren buffett

Have a sumptuous going in your studies and may all your dreams come true.
See you better in the next few years.

Stay Safe!

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