Just in: See the disgrace these Jhs 2 student have brought upon their family and school because of politics

In a town in the western part of Ghana of which the name would be disclosed in the course of reading, two jhs students have done something terrible that many people in the society of town are shocked and marvelled. Though the town is notorious of it’s bad children it normally produces but nowadays, it is becoming worse.

Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo made an order that all school students in the jhs two should resume just last Monday. He made this announcement a very long time before the final jhs students completed. So in this case, he said they should resume as soon as the final year students complete. But they had to wait for sometime.

Now two jhs two student by the names Michael Addo and Thomas Essilfie, has done something that no student of this modern Ghana would dream of doing. Though sitting in the house for a long time was not easy to go to school after the announcement came but as a good student, you don’t have any excuse of quitting school.

These two boys refused to resume school after Schools resumed on last week. Surprisingly, they are not brothers but just friends. Their teachers had to confront them but to no avail. Luckily, these two boys have smartphones. Days went by and these two boys started making shows in the town of Ba.

Just recently, the parents of Michael Addo had to confront the two boys again and ask of their source of money. The reply they gave them was that, why are they not thankful to God that they did not take blood money but just decided to browse the internet by scamming.

This reply from the boys surprised the parents and they could not handle this issue and reported it to their headmaster. Now the school authority do not want this matter to go any further so they are trying to help these two boys.

How can two young boys behave as such. You chose scamming over school? May God have mercy on them.

Note: images used in the article is only used for illustrations. The case is been covered for now.

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