John Mahama is really a great leader and will perform well this time also.

7th December 2020 polls is fast approaching and this day marks a very prominent day for the good people of Ghana to decide who leads the country in the next four years to help the country to achieve its goals and objectives.

The National Democratic Congress, NDC was in power in 2016 when the NPP brought them down and took over power from them. The governance of the NDC at that time led by John Dramani Mahama seemed not pleasant to the people of Ghana and that accounted for the NPP government to take over.

Most politicians have the opinion that, John Dramani Mahama did not perform well and that was the reason why he was voted out of power and thus, he still cannot perform well, but John Dramani Mahama can perform very well this time due to the reasons below.

John Mahama has been in opposition for almost four years now and have been studying Nana Addo’s administration carefully and seems to have learnt a lot. There were so many policies He admitted the Akuffo Addo administration could not do but they have been able to initiate them. John Mahama in a way may have grasped a lot from the NPP government and when he assumes power, he will carefully do same for the good people of Ghana.
Again, John Dramani Mahama will perform very well this time when he assumes power because, he will not go near the things he did in the past which got Ghanaians angry again. Things such as cancellation of allowances and most especially some policies that brought hardship to the Ghanaian economy such as the IMF thing in which many graduates remained unemployed for years.

Lastly, John Mahama will perform well this time because, he has learnt all his lessons well and knows what to do to make the Ghanaian economy a great one, just as the Asantehene recently advised him that, he should tell the people his mistakes and correct them this time.
Being in opposition for four years is not an easy task and John Mahama will do his best to make Ghanaians proud of him.
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