God help our family and friends in Nigeria

For so many weeks now, Nigeria hasn’t been as it used to be. This began when the term ‘Yahoo’ boys came to pass. Let he scammers they are, they did a lot of bad things and so the Government was supposed to begin an initiative to stop the reign of these ‘Yahoo boys’ and so they started the club called SARS.

They were supposed to stop this new trend and bring order, but then, with the small power they were granted, they intended to misuse it and they did misuse it and are still misusing it. They now abuse and even kill the youth especially ones with dreadlocks, Iphones, and expensive stuff claiming they are Yahoo people, I mean can you believe this?

So the youth wanted to use their way to tell the government to come to their aid and let all that bloodbath stop, they began online protests, some anonymous people intervening and stuff but there was no sort of offense so they began protesting on streets, not causing anarchy, just making peaceful protests to show their government that enough was enough

A few hours today, a bunch of peaceful protesters meadowed their way through their streets and from nowhere, gun shots started coming from all directions, imagine this, being at a safe distance from these mob of protesters, suddenly you see young women, children, men dropping to the ground, their lives taken from them in a split second, by substances so small and tiny but yet so fast and destructive.

A father awaiting to see the success of his youngsters, a mother waiting to see her grandchildren, kids that had so much to live for, to make their family proud, participating in a peaceful protest and being gunned down for no reason, is that fair? My answer, no.

A couple of hours ago, one of the governors issued a curfew in the country just because of the protests and the president all this while was very quiet as usual and this decision made no help to the current situation .

Today’s tragedy remains and it is so heartbreaking to even try and understand what happened, but then later, these SARS so called people of the law began going from house to house, threatening people, and even innocent people in their homes are seeing bullets flying in their rooms, Nigeria has become some sorta war zone now.

Yes, bullets entering people’s homes now, and if care isn’t taken, it may even hurt them in their homes. Imagine this, the only safe place for you to be in now has bullets flying in it, how would you cope with that?

After the lives being lost, the president finally addressed the people and guess what? He threatened the youth that he was to give them 48 hours to stop the protests, does this tend to decrease their activities? A threat? I don’t think so and now they have brought a new something, there’s to be a 24 hour curfew tomorrow in a specific state with no movement at all.

This so far is what is going on in Nigeria, please pray for our friends and family in Nigeria, they deserve better than to be murdered for no reason.

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