C.S Daily Devotion Morning🎊.

Date: Fri,16th Oct,2020.

Scripture: ” I will build an Alter to God..Who has been with me whenever I have gone.” ( Genesis 35:3)

Sometimes we don’t fully understand an event until we have the wisdom of hindsight.
Many years earlier,as he fled for his life, Jacob had experienced a vision of God at Bethel ( Genesis 28:10-22). He had heard God’s promise to watch over him wherever he would go. Then later, while returning to his homeland,Jacob again encountered God and received a new identity: Israel” one who wrestles with God” yet receives blessing(Genesis 32:22-32)
Now both experiences come together as Jacob leads his family back to Bethel for a time of worship and renewal before God. Previously Jacob’s experiences of God we’re solitary and personal.
Now shares his testimony of God’s faithfulness with his household, calling them to wrestle with repentance and faith too.
Perhaps,like Jacob,you have had a long and round about journey with God. Maybe you always sensed that God was there,but then in hindsight you have seen how faithful God has been. Inspite of our sins and scheming ways. God always proves ready to Forgive and bless anyone who comes humbly before him, receives their new identity given by grace through Christ.
If you have met God and experienced his faithfulnesss ,are you ready to share the story of his grace??🌚

Prayer: Lord,givesm us a sense of wonder so that we may comprehend your faithfulness to us. Renew us Lord ,in Jesus’name.

Good morning Brethren,Have a Blessed weekend ❀️🌚


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