Contractor Yoo Ah Mad

This is not a stereotypical post against any Asian. But this just happened to be the plight a young girl faced.

Visiting Saturdays
They seem to have a lot of drama here, don’t they?
There’s food
And visitors of course
But food is what makes visiting Saturdays one to look forward to.
Secondary school was not exactly the best nor the worst. But looking back, I sure miss a lot. There’s a lot I won’t forget.
And some, I can’t forget.
Although visiting Saturdays were glee for a high school boarder like I was, they also had the potential to host almost perfect high school nightmares.

On visiting Saturday mornings here, we clean. A lot.
General cleaning was every lazy girl’s nightmare
And, on that Saturday morning, the nightmare quadrupled.
My parents were not going to come for visiting. So the plan was to have a nice nap during the day.

Well, you see, I didn’t exactly have the choice to be tired or not to be tired.
I was just going to be, no two ways about it.
This was because my working partner wasn’t going to come to work that morning – like she didn’t the whole week, and the whole week before it, and for weeks before that. I don’t remember for how long.
My working partner was a member of the school Cadet Corps and that Saturday, they had a drill in our brother school. So, I had to work alone that morning.

Leaf litter
Annoying leaf litter at my working area

My working place was described as Behind the Form Two Block. It was a small place with an awful tree that dropped a lot of leaves every day and a long, narrow, and dry open gutter spanning halfway along the block that drained rainwater into a larger gutter running beneath the Form Two Block.

The strategy was to begin with the gutter and then move on to clearing the leaves. So, I swept the cavity of the gutter and scrubbed. And whoo! As usual, I sustained some scratches to my knuckles from their grazing against the concrete as I scrubbed. I sat for a few minutes on the gutter’s edges to blow air on my stinging wounds before I start sweeping the leaf litter blanket staring at me.

Shortly after I began sweeping, some men came around. They were men who were into building construction work and were there to work on some building projects in the school. They were working on a new pantry being constructed behind my house as well as an abandoned building project a stone’s throw from my working place. That building was called The Titanic by students because it apparently began to sink during its construction.

The workers were local men – Ghanaian, I believe. They were working under two Asian men whom I suppose were the men contracted to be in charge of the projects. There were metal bars that were set up around the Titanic and kept that way for several weeks and that Saturday was the day these bars were going to be dismantled. One of the Asians came along with them and he was offered a plastic chair from the Form Three block extension which was right in front of the Titanic to sit in my working area. Luckily, I had finished sweeping that portion.

I wanted to finish early so I could get enough time to organize my things around my bed space in the dormitory before my housemistress came around for inspection. I was not in the mood for any interruptions or delays.
this Asian man called me.
If I had known what was about to ensue, I would have excused myself.
But, oh well, I didn’t.
So, I stood upright in response.

to be continued…

Part 2

Part 3

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