Breaking news: A unit committee chairman steals sheep at Abesewa. The full story.

Charity we say, begin at home and it is in view of this that we normally attribute most of the bad behaviours exhibited by some people to their immediate family and community where there are raised.

Within every community, there are leaders including the chiefs , queens, religious leaders encompassing the Imam, Pastors as well as local leaders including the District Assembly Members and the rest.

Such leaders in one way or the other help to steer the affairs of their communities as well as seeking the welfare of the people within their jurisdiction.

The vast development, spearheaded by the leaders in one way or the other eases the burden from the members in some instances.

Such leaders plan on developmental agendas by soliciting for ideas and supports from most of the followers genuinely to address certain predicaments of their people.

The leaders protect the people both physically and spiritually and also adjudicate matters brought before them by their people to ensure there is absolute peace, harmony and tranquility.

Things turn upside down in some communities where some leaders tarnishes their image, compromise their intergrity by going contrary against the norms of the community.

A unit committee chairman named, Mr Okyere Asamoah of Abesewa in the Ahafo Ano East District of Ashanti close to Bechem had allegedly steals a giant lamb belonging to a neighbour and widow called Madam Asare Comfort.

According to a close source, Mr Okyere Asamoah was found dragging the lamb to the roadside around 8:40 pm in the evening to look for a tricycle known as ”aboboyaa” to convey the stolen lamb to Bechem just sell it as soon as possible.

According to the eyewitness Aishetu Moro, she was doubting as to wether this chairman bought such a huge lamb from Madam Comfort and why he was in such a hurry to send it at that moment to Bechem.

On the next day 19th October 2020, Madam Comfort was complaining bitterly about her missing lamb that could be sold for at least 700ghc.

Announcement was made at Nyame Na Aye Information Center and within a twinkle of an eye, Aishetu Moro drew the attention of Madam Comfort on what she saw the previous night.

Madam Comfort in an aggressive manner confronted Mr Okyere Asamoah to look for the iota of truth and even went there with a local egg of a fowl to curse this chairman.

This chairman instantly threw in the towel by confessing to Madam Comfort and the people around to pardon him because disgrace could be on his head should the media hear such story he is doomed.

The people in their greatest shock of their lives moved to Bechem this morning exactly 7:15 A.M today, 20th October with Mr Okyere Asamoah to show them where he sent the lamb so as to confiscate it from the buyer.

Tuesday is one of the busiest days at Bechem since it’s a market day and the people got to know where this Unit Committee Chairman sent the lamb but calm was restored as the stolen lamb was feeding on a withered grass beside the livestock market.

Mr Okyere Asamoah sold the lamb for just 200ghc and the buyer took the money from him and handed the lamb back to Madam Comfort.

As to whether a punishment would be given to this small honourable who was elected by the Abesewa community last year December by the chiefs is yet unknown.

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