An advocate for good lifestyle. B. Isaac Gyasi (B.I.G) reveals in his videos

One of the vibrant youth motivational speaker known as Boateng Isaac Gyasi has revealed his push in life and why he keeps on doing what he does and never stop in an interview.

β€œI truly believe we have a limited number of breaths on this planet. This realization is what led me to create the content I produce today. I am grateful for every moment, every unrepeatable miracle, and while I’m here I want to reach every single heart on the planet to show them that at our core we are Love, we are free, and we are one. My push in life is WORK HARD TO PREVENT HARDWORK and my life is YOUR MANNERS ARE YOUR BEAUTY. We being humans go through a lot that makes us a-times feel a little inferior making us forget how precious and irreplaceable we are to this world and when the state of mind hits you just come to my channel and trust me you will find a remedy to that and get back to knowing yourself again.Good lifestyle is not always about a well balanced diet but also a stable and informed mind and right decisions”. He said.

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