Remember This

The world is a small place as the saying goes. Apparently i didn’t know my life will be having ups and downs. I gave my heart and soul to the man i love and thinking he loves me back.

Story of my life feels just like it’s beginning now, i ask a question and i want answers, i didn’t know what to expect but i felt in my heart and soul i should ask and get to know his intentions towards me.

Being together for 2 years i know it is enough to walk down the isle. Saturday morning i walked towards his gate in a purple linen.

My curves eludes from the dress while i took a deep but heavy breath to ensure that i still had that faith and courage i came with. He heard the doorbell ring and happily shouted “obaahemaa sugar”, i smiled and run into his arms like a little baby wanting to be patted.

He then planted a smooth but tasty kiss on my forehead while whispering into my ears the words i always want to hear,”i love you babe” i really do.

Around 3 : 45 pm i sat next to him on the sofa and cuddling up into his manly chest, he searched my eyes and asks me what the problem was. I then decided to speak my heart out.

In the middle of opening my lips, tears dropped onto my cheeks towards my lips and he gently wiped them off with the back of his hand. I told him i really loved him and that did he really love me like he always said?

This was what i prolly didn’t want to hear. There and then he stood up, started pacing up and down, i got really worried and scared at the same time.

Nash, please talk to me; what is eating you up? He got closer and went down on his knees and started sobbing. He looked so cute and emotional which melted my heart.

He then pulled me up to my feet and hugged so tightly that i whispered darling i can’t breathe. He let go and said; give me two minutes i’ll be right back.

Telling me to close my eyes from the hallway i did and felt the light go off. I heard music from the piano and guitar. I asked what was going on but no answer. The next thing i knew was voices talking in whispers. Laughter emaculating from them too.

Waltz, my favorite was been played at the background. Then I felt a touch to my shoulder and going down my arms to my hands holding me. Softly i came to a stop. He told me to open my eyes and when i did, omg! the day of my life was right in front of me.

Nash kneeling on one knee with a ring box in his hand showing it up to me in my direction. With tears in his eyes he opened his mouth to say the words i always remember.”bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh this isn’t yet our wedding but permit me to use them here.

My heart and soul adores you like the sun adores the earth with sunlight. Days without you are like the darkness in the tunnel empty and deserted. Darling, woman of my dreams, fire to my wood and water to my thirst, will you make me the happiest man right now and tell me that you will marry me.”

There was i dump founded yet astonished. My dream was about coming through and i just stood there lost in my thoughts. I thought about what my mother went through with our father and i was afraid it will happen to me.

Wait! i heard a voice and it vividly said “you are not your mother! snap outta it” Suddenly i heard Nash still asking will you marry me? I smiled, running to him and said i will marry you my love yes i will.

Applause went up and there we stood in the midst of the congregation wedded and in one flesh and blood. Life was really good with my husband and i have never regretted saying yes on that lovely day.

Don’t use your parents issues and circumstances to judge you own life. Remember God has a plan vetted out specifically for you.

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