Master’s degree finalist with over 30 certificates resorts to selling eggs after failing to secure job

Master's degree finalist with over 20 certificates resorts to selling eggs after failing to secure job
Master’s degree finalist with over 30 certificates resorts to selling eggs after failing to secure job

Dennis Obilo hails from a humble family in Rongo, Migori country – His primary and secondary school was sponsored by Mulli Children’s Family Home based in Yatta – Despite the challenges, he has climbed the academic ladder to reach a Master’s degree -He also holds a diploma and degree in procurement and supply chain – The ambitious learner has also accumulated more than 30 certificates and recommendations from various institutions across the country – Despite all these, Obilo has failed to secure a startup job and is now selling eggs in the streets of Nairobi.

A Nairobi based Master’s degree finalist has resorted to selling eggs on the streets after efforts to secure a job hit a snag.

Dennis Obilo in a cybercafe attending online classes Master’s degree classes. Photo: Dennis Obilo. Source: Facebook Dennis Obilo who also holds a diploma and a Bachelor’s degree in procurement and supply chain has over time accumulated more than 30 certificates and recommendations from various institutions across the country.

Obilo was born and brought up in Rongo, Migori county 30 years ago. His childhood life was full of struggles and challenges that were worsened by the demise of his father at a tender age. The burden of bringing him up together with his five siblings shifted to their already overburden mother who neither had a job or any source of income apart from tilling their small portion of land in the village.

As such, his dream of going to school was almost shuttered at the very beginning since his mother could not afford the costs. It took the intervention of a neighbour who saw in him the burning desire for education to rescue his dream. Obilo was introduced to Mulli Children’s Family home in Yatta where commenced his primary school education.

Master's degree finalist with over 20 certificates resorts to selling eggs after failing to secure job
“My neighbour introduced Dr. Charles Mulli who was running a children’s home. He took me in and that is how I began my education journey. The home has a primary and secondary school so I remained there until I completed Four Form” said Obilo during an interview with

Dennis Obilo right with his friend and voiceover artiste Mutala Mukosia. Photo: Mutala Mukosia Source: Facebook Top in class Despite the challenges of having been moved from home to a new environment far away from home, at such a tender age, Obilo remained focussed and was often at the top of the class. He sat for his Kenya Certificate of Primary School Education (KCPE) in 2003 and proceeded to secondary school at the same institution. The youngster sat for his Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2007 where he emerged top in his school. “After completing Form Four I was supposed to leave the children’s home because I had attained the age of 18 years hence considered an adult. However, because of my performance and discipline, I was retained and put in charge of the store for three years,” said Obilo.

Post-secondary education In 2010, he was brought to Nairobi by the owner of the children’s home, Charles Muli, who enrolled him for a diploma training in procurement and supply chain at Kenya Insitute of Management. “He paid for my fees, gave me accomodation somewwhere around Yaya Centre and could give a fare of KSh 90 daily. I, however, prefered to walk or sometimes I could wake up early in the morning to ensure I don’t spend more than KSh 10 to town,” he said. As he was pursuing his diploma, Obilo also enrolled for other short term training courses that earned him more certificates.

Master's degree finalist with over 20 certificates resorts to selling eggs after failing to secure job

Obilo (right) with his friend during their graduation ceremony at the University of Nairobi in 2018. Photo: Dennis Obilo. Source: Facebook By the time he graduated with his diploma in 2013, the soft-spoken student had also completed other training in strategic and project management, Computer studies, HIV/AIDs guiding and counselling and driving among other attainments including being enlisted as a world youth member after weeks of intense training.

He also underwent rigorous training to become a certified member of the Kenya Institute of Supplies Management. “Cumulatively I have over 30 certificates and recommendation papers but all of them have not been useful up to this point,” he regretted. Nairobi University.

Upon graduating with a diploma, the ambitious learner got a temporary job which motivated him to enrol for a degree at Nairobi University a year later. However, his job ended immediately he completed the registration process. “I was being paid KSh 25, 000 and so I made savings for close to a year before I enrolled for a degree program at Nairobi University, sadly the job ended before I could start my classes,” he recalled. Being a man of luck, Obilo met the Chaplain of the institution, Father Peter Ngugi Kaigwa, who encouraged him and offered to help him complete his studies. “At first he gave cash to go and pay the school fees which I did and brought him the receipt. He knew I was not just serious about education but also honest. From there he trusted me and continued to support my education,” stated Obilo.
Here is Dennis Ogola known to many around his place as “Uyo kijana wa mayai” .Dennis has a masters degree,degree,diploma and over thirty certificates.Despite trying to apply for jobs to different organizations and counties all has been in vain.He now sells eggs to a least get something to eat.Speaking to him this morning Dennis says he really needs a job to be able to take care of his younger siblings who depend on him.
Raised in a children’s home Dennis says he has reached a point in life where his only hope is to be helped by Kenyans and he believes there is someone out here who can help.
Touched by his moving story I had to leave my #30for30by30to30 initiative today and try to share with you his sad story.
If you have any job opportunity please call him on 0705446010 because a brother here is really at need.
PLEASE SHARE WIDELY maybe there’s someone in your timeline who can help.May God bless you

In 2017, having felt the burden the priest was carrying to educate him, Obilo walked straight to the office of the University’s Chancellor and appealed for financial support to help him complete his studies. After a series of meetings with the staff, he was finally allowed to meet Chancellor Vijoo Rattansi and submit his request. “I felt for me and offered me a full scholarship up to fourth year, I was so happy, I felt relieved and immediately asked Father to withhold his support for a while,” said Obilo. Master’s degree journey In 2018, he graduated with Second Class upper division, only missing one point to join the prestigious First Class category. Impressed by his performance, the Chancellor offered to pay for his Master’s classes which he commenced in 2019. “I am doing my final semester, were it not for coronavirus I would have graduated,” he said. However, despite this long and winding journey in education circles, Obilo’s life has remained full of pain, misery and devastation.

In dare need of a job Efforts to secure a start-up job have been futile and has often relied on friends and well-wishers to survive. He has made numerous applications in different firms across the country but lady luck is yet to smile. “Paying rent has really been a problem because what I do can barely cater for my meals and other personal expenses. I often rely on friends to survive but as usually most of them are tired of helping me, some even don’t believe that I don’t have a job,” Things have been made worse by the fact that he has to provide for his family back in the village. The capital to start the business of selling eggs was given to him by a friend. “My request is if anybody has a job that can help me earn something at least to support my family at home and cater for my bills, I will really appreciate,” appealed Obilo.

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