He will win the election and on the next day this will happen – TB Joshua Reveals.


Ghana is experiencing a moment of tension and the desire for the revelation concerning the upcoming election in 2020. Many men of god have prophesied and declared who is going to become the president of Ghana for the next four years beginning January 2021. Many people have also made statistical calculations concerning who is the probable winner of the upcoming election.

However, the powerful prophet or man of God, TB Joshua has Revealed who will win the Ghana general election which is to take place in December. The man of God stated that Ghana has been one of the most peaceful West African countries and that though we have our flaws, there have not been any issue of violence in elections and he is proud of that.

However, he revealed that he had seen visions of who the president of Ghana for the next four years is going to be. He said he saw in a vision that this man was crowned and gowned in purple, indicating royalty and authority. Kings and Queens, families of royals are clothed in purple and this goes back in the days- He added.

He revealed on the Emmanuel television that the current president of Ghana will maintain his position or seat as the president.Β He will win the election and after that, there will be a heavy rainfall the next day to calm the states (which he meant the individual regions) in Ghana and there shall be no violence but a continous flow of peace afterwards– He stated.

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