Grace Grace

Life out graced. How can my joy be full but unless i react to life and it’s intentions.

To and fro to and fro, i adorn my life with gentle kisses from the morning sun. Like a bride waiting for her grrom i humbly let go of my pain to accept joy in a trillion.

Smiling smoothly into the dark i embrace what’s ahead for me. My heart racing back and forth i laugh at those who want to keep me in doom.

Send me to my lover. He lives on the mountain top. He sends his maidens to fetch me without delay.

In the night time he caresses me with his kisses and cuddling my love, i will forever be yours.

Kiss me with the kisses of your heart for your love is better than wine unto the third and fourth generation.

Skies are blue

The sea is blue but you and i have red blood running through our veins.

Run away with me angel to a place we shall call our own. Grace me with a ring on my finger, put me in front of friends and family and tell them i am the only one for you.

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