Duncan Williams Finally Revealed What Will Happen In Ghana This week >>>>Click to read more

The popular man of God in Ghana, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has made another strong revelation of what is set to happen in Ghana this week, I visited heaven and God said this is what will happen in Ghana this week.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams who has been accurate and direct in giving his prophetic declaration over Ghana and the good people of Ghana(Ghanaians) has come out to reveal the mind of God for this week.

He revealed that this week Ghana will be confer in favour and disadvantage will not be over the Nation and Ghana this week.

While speaking to his congregation yesterday, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams made it known that this is what will happen in Ghana this week, he said when he visited heaven (spiritual exercise), God said that favour will be upon people of Ghana this week.

And he further added that, the people of the Nation, Ghana will not be disadvantage in Jesus Name.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams is certain if Christians take charge and cry on the Lord, the people of Ghana will experience winning on every side this week.

The famous Ghanaian Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has given us so much to ponder on ever since the start of this week.

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