Do you judge quickly by appearance? If yes then you are not making good judgement and you are missing precious things in life.

John 7: 24 reads “Do not judge by appearance, but judge with right judgement” It is believed that the majority of the appearance of a package really shows what is being contained in the package. It is also believed that judgements are being drawn from previous appearance against a similar one which is a very bad way of judgement.

What does the bible says about something you don’t know? 1John 4:1 reads “Do not believe every spirit but test the spirit to see whether they are from God. The keyword here is “TEST” so until testing has been completed you cannot judge anything by appearance. Certain things may look indecent from far but until one approaches it, one can not appreciate it.

Testing is what can help you identify if something is clean or dirty, tight or loose, heavy or light. In the absence of testing makes you draw a wrong conclusion in a daily life.

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