Yolo Star Cyril Has Deceived Twitter Agenda Boys

Popular Yolo Star Aaron Adatsi who is popularly known as Cyril has deceived Ghanaian Boys . Aaron Adatsi Became an Influencer for most Ghanaians Boys because of his role he played in YOLO (You Only Live Once). That Popular TV Show speaks about health and Sexual relation. Cyril played the Character where he is a good Guy always advising his Fellow freinds to Abstain from sex and Many more but Cyril(Aaron Adatsi) didnt follow his own Teaching and as you are Reading this Cyril has given birth to a beautiful bouncing girl

A video posted by a Twitter Influencer Called KalJay stated that Cyril is doing a naming a ceremony for his Chilld

But what Twitter users dont understand is that most of them has abstain from sex because they have a good person as Cyril to educate them but now the teacher is doing what is wrong. And Some Twitter users even say they will start to Blame Cyril for their relationships problem. And we want to take this opportunity to Congratulate him.

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