What happens when I type something in the search area of my browser?

Many of us know what the internet is but we have no idea what happens when we search for something online but I will do my best to explain to you what happens in those split few seconds after you tap on enter after typing something in the search box of any browser either on your phone or on your laptops or MacBook or whatever tech you use to surf the
Firstly, as we all know, the internet is more of a global network of computers that helps us in so many ways especially for answers to some queries or questions we may have. Before we move on to how that works let’s see a couple of terms and what they mean;

  • IP address- So you have your home address, mine is AS 129 and so if someone wants to know where I am, the address helps the person
    to find me, computers have these addresses too but theirs have special names called IP address and that’s what shows their location, this information
    of IPs is very useful so never forget.
  • HTTP- This is what handles web traffic, think of it as one of those police people who direct traffic, it handles your requests and the responses
    you are supposed to receive.
  • Websites/Webpages-These are simply files that web developers create to store the pieces of information you search for on the internet and they have masters
    called web servers that control them, you need a webserver to basically deliver content or info to someone who requests for it and their info is delivered
    through the webpages just as a newspaper company delivers info through newspapers. Or think of them as computers that deliver web pages depending
    on your searches.
  • Hosting companies-They provide space on servers for a website.
  • Domain name-Converts the IP addresses to easier to read forms.
  • DNS (Domain Name System)-Is used to map an IP address to its domain name so that you don’t get the wrong info. So basically, think of the internet as the biggest restaurant ever. The waiters and waitresses together with the plates they carry are the web servers,
    and what is contained on these plates are websites created by numerous web developers and so, a hosting company finds space on the plate (server) for people’s websites so that if someone searches or orders or requests for some info, they are served with the website or webpage. This image below summarises what happens in seconds after you tap on enter after typing your request into the web browser’s search engine.
Simply made to understand

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