Issues arriving concerning the Ghc 2.00 on the track shows how others are confused. In the first place we apologise for how long the process is and this article reveals the main reasons behind the Ghc 2.00 payment before downloading the song.

Firstly, in bringing out a track like this has a role that finance must play and of course this particular song called for funds for which by God’s grace, it was taken care of upon the struggle and stress we went through. Now, there are more songs coming from Kobbies records by these same people (Mavis and Sammy) that will demand funds to take care of, so for the song not to be delayed because of financial problem, that is how come there is Ghc 2.00 charge on the track of course the first (Bone Fakye) delayed for about one mouth because of financial support so this is to make room for more tracks from Mavis & Wilson.

Secondly, There is going to be launching of this track (Bone Fakye) soon for which the arrangements will be communicated to us later which will demand funds in the course of the preparation.

Thirdly, there is a pending video clip of the track (Bone Fakye) as a result of lack of funds. The video clip involves quiet much money that we must prepare towards it.

All these plans calls for funds that is why there is a charge on the track, we therefore encourage everyone to try and download the song even if you have it now on your machine as a way of helping the launching, video clip and the other songs to come. We know you are always there to support when the time is approaching but this small charge too will help and it’s affordable too for everyone therefore let us all try to support by downloading the track and God will bless us all. Amen.

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