Obofour and his wife are enstooled as chief and queen in…

Reverend Obofour, the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), and his wife, Ciara Antwi, have been honoured with chieftaincy titles in Tepa in the Ashanti region.

Obofour and Ciara were made the Nkosuohene and Nkosuohemaa (development chief and queen) at a ceremony on Saturday, October 17, 2020.

Ciara Antwi, popularly knowns Obofowaa announced their new chieftaincy titles a few minutes after the ceremony by sharing a video.The video has Ciara and her husband seated and adorned in colourful kente fabric which they put over the white outfits there were donning.

Sharing the video, Obofowaa indicated a variation in their titles as compared to the regular development chief.

Though the chieftaincy titles for Obofour and Ciara are in the concept of a development chief, they will be known as Aboafourhene and Aboafourhemaa (helping chief and queen) respectively.

“Ladies and Gentleman meet your newly crowned king and queen . Nana Aboaf) Hene ne Ohenema. God bless Ghana, God bless Tepa.”

In his acceptance speech, Obofour indicated he had been allocated a parcel of land as part of the enstoolment and he was going to build an estate on it in one year.
The installation of Obofour and his wife comes just a few weeks after they outdoored their triplets. The outdooring/naming ceremony for the triplets who were born in May 2020, was held on Saturday, September 26, 2020. 

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