Is It Right To Put Your Girlfriend On A Monthly Allowance?

Without surprise, one of the most discussed, often controversial aspects of relationships is money and how it is applied in a relationship.

Issues about cab fares after visit, who does the paying during dating, how much one needs to earn before considering a relationship have been a debate on social media some time ago.

One other aspects of money discussion has to do with the practice of giving a girlfriend money every month ending sometimes weekend for her upkeep

The money is called Bae allowance. – Bae allowance is defined as the money that a guy gives his girlfriend at the end of each month for her needs.

Bae allowance is cool……

There is nothing that is stopping anyone from giving money to a girlfriend. Heck, there’s even no rule that indicates how frequent and how much the money should be.

It is not illogical for a man to want to spoil his woman in all manners he deems fit. If monthly allowance is the way he chooses to appreciate his woman’s presence in his life, then, no one should give such a guy grief for that.

For the guy who is comfortable doing so, it is so admirable and nice too. And never feel discouraged by people to stop if you see no problem with it.

Bae allowance is not a relationship standard

Bae allowance may not be wrong but it should never be a relationship benchmark for anyone. If you date someone who gives you a monthly or weekly allowance, it is very important to understand that such a person did so as a largesse and it’s not obligatory in any relationship standard.

Bae allowance is not on the same pedestal of relationship expectations as communication, honesty, gift giving and other.

That is why every money (whether monthly or less frequently) between partners needs to be appreciated for the gifts they are, and it should not be demanded as if its contractual obligation.

As we already said in another post here, your boyfriend doesn’t owe you the duty of giving you money, just as you don’t owe him the duty of cooking for him, and also tidying his apartment anytime you visit him.

People should do these things because they can do it and would want to do it. No one should be forced to do them.

There are relationship things you can demand because you are entitled to them; a monthly allowance as nice as it is, isn’t one of those demand, including sex.

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